Automatic Yo Yo Fishing Reel - Perfect for Camping & Survival Situations

$ 15.97

This amazing device catches fish, sets the hook, and reels them in, 100% Automatically!!

They don't even kill the fish!

What a cool gift for any Outdoorsman. Whether buying for yourself, or a Friend or Family Member, someone is going to have FUN!

  • Reels Measure Approximately 3"Tall/3"Wide/1/2" Thick and weigh 2oz each
  • Neatly Packaged in a Resealable Plastic Bag w/Instructions
  • All Metal Parts w/Galvanized Steel Frame(Very Strong No Cheap Plastic)
  • The Springs are Stainless Steel or Tempered Steel(Depending On Which Model)
  • Pre-Spooled With Approximately 12 Feet of 60 Pound Test Nylon Line
  • 2 Trigger Settings For Light/Heavy Bite
  • Can be fished From Floating Jugs.Branches,Boats,Stumps,Sticks,ANYTHING
  • Also used for snare traps,duck decoy lines,plant supports,and much more.

This is a seriously fun, ingenious little device. Catching fish on them is Fun and Easy, they are very simple to use, and anyone can do it. Kind of like a mousetrap for fish, just "bait and wait"!

Bait them with anything you like, set the depth, engage the trigger, and that's it! Super easy, but they also come with instructions.

I know guys that use these for more than just fishing. Apparently you can make a very effective animal snare trap, but I just use them for fish =) Great Gift for Preppers, Survivalists, Fisherman, Ice Fishing, Hunters, Hiking/Camping. These are a MUST HAVE for your Bug-Out bag.

Get yours before we sell out again!