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Carabiner Keychain with Clip - Includes Built-In Compass & Thermometer

SALE PRICE: $ 14.97

ATTENTION: If You're Looking for the PERFECT Carabiner Keychain with Clip that includes features not found anywhere else, Then You've Found It!

  • INCLUDES 2 SIDED, BUILT-IN COMPASS & THERMOMETER - This awesome carabiner is not found in stores, is perfect for everyday carry, and includes features you won't find anywhere else. Get 2 Today!
  • IT'S THE PERFECT GIFT! - If you're looking for a unique & one-of-a-kind gift, thats not found in stores, and that your friends, family, husband, and/or boyfriend will LOVE, then this awesome carabiner keychain with clip is exactly what you've want! Add 2 to Your Cart today!
  • HIGHEST-QUALITY & PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Built from Military Grade Aluminum to handle whatever you throw at it. Special Ops Matte Black Finish. Buy More Than 1!
  • LIMITED EDITION "BLACK OPS" MODEL- This special edition carabiner is a limited release that includes "black ops" black matte/olive drab finish. When we run out of stock, we're out. Get Yours Today!
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Without a doubt, this super unique Carabiner is NOT found in stores and includes a super handy, BUILT-IN Compass & Thermometer + the Limited Edition "Black Ops" paint.

Its the PERFECT gift for your husband, boyfriend, friend, neighbor, boss, or anyone else who's into camping, hunting, hiking, climbing, prepping, or just being outdoors.

When you receive your carabiner, you'll immediately notice how comfortable it feels in your hands.. how easy it is to use... and how cool-looking its beautiful finish and rugged black matte aluminum finish looks in your hand.

Compare to Black Diamond, Simon, DMM, Wild Country, Leatherman, and others and you'll immediately see what a great value these carabiners are!

If you've ever owned an Under Control Tactical product, you'll immediately know that you can feel super confident that your new carabiner is built to the highest standards of quality & durability, not like many of our competitors "cheap" models, that can wear out quickly and look bad after light use.

Don't risk it by purchasing an inferior product! Only trust the ORIGINAL Under Control Tactical brand of Tactical Carabiners.

We're sure that you'll love your new knife so much that you'll want to give a couple to your best friend, or Dad, or husband!

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