Hello MB15226/W1 Sense with Voice Sleep System – Stonebridge Mall

Hello MB15226/W1 Sense with Voice Sleep System

$ 176.18

Color:Charcoal |  Style:One Sleep Pill

Sense with Voice is the insightful sleep tracker that helps you improve your sleep and wake up feeling great. Get a detailed breakdown of your sleep cycles, learn how the environment in your room affects your sleep, discover trends in your sleep quality, and more.

  • Improve your sleep: Get personalized Insights and learn how to improve your sleep.
  • Sleep soundly: Sleep Sounds help you drift off to sleep and stay slumbering through the night.
  • Wake up energized: Smart Alarm wakes you up more naturally, so you start your day feeling great.
  • Now with Voice: Speak to Sense to find out how well you slept, set your Smart Alarm, play Sleep Sounds, and more.