Emergency Car Survival Kit - Includes Glass Breaker

SALE PRICE: $ 17.97

If you're looking for the MUST-HAVE Emergency Tool You Absolutely Should Have in Your Car / Truck / SUV, then you've found it!

This super unique emergency tool features a Seat Belt Cutter, Glass Breaker/Hammer, Ergonomic & Lightweight handle, and many other features.. This little tool could save your life!

Just a few of the awesome features:

  • Double-sided head with hardened steel points shatters vehicle windows in an emergency IN NO TIME.
  • Seat Belt Cutter with Safeguarded Razor Blade Cuts off Seat Belts, keep you safe.
  • With mounting bracket to hold. Install it where passengers can reach easily.
  • Easy removal from its holder when you need to use it.

This is an automotive safety tool for escaping your vehicle in case of emergency. A life saving tool that should be in every vehicle.

Designed to shatter glass and features a seat belt cutting tool in the handle. Quick, safe and effective. Small enough to keep in the glove box or door pocket. Small enough to fit in a ladies purse.

Suitable for private car, cars, trains, buses, trucks, ships and other modes of transport.

It has two important functions:

  1. A hammer for breaking your window, aiding your escape. This is especially important if your door will not open or you are underwater.
  2.  It has a seatbelt cutting knife to easily and safely remove your seatbelt if you are unable to release it in the conventional manner. It comes with an easily secured mount so that it will be readily accessible in the event of an emergency. It can be screwed, glued or strapped into place.

This product saves lives! Get Yours Today!

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